Hailey McHarg is currently an undergraduate student living in Montréal, Quebec studying Fine Art Photography at Concordia University.

In 2011, she completed PhotoArts at Haliburton School of The Arts where she initially began exploring historical photographic processes such as wet plate collodion, Van Dyke and cyanotype printing. It was in this same year, Adad Hannah chose Hailey to participate as the model for his multimedia installation project, Blackwater Ophelia (2013).

Hailey contributed as an artist for Paper Machete (2009), a residency project and exhibition at Gallery Lambton and periodically mounts independent solo exhibitions. Her work is featured in films such as A Walk in My Dream (2011), publications such as Common Ground (Vancouver) and Fix Magazine (Sarnia).

Hailey has created album art for artists' recordings, some of which include Marinol Nation's Suburbia & Minivans, Mike Stevens & Okaidja Ofroso's Canadafrica and A Huron Union's Live at Paddy Flaherty's cassette.